A f ut ur e- pr oof educa t ion needs a st r ong com m unit y !

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

Thanks to the first-class education you have provided, your graduates are well prepared for their entry into the professional world of work. And it’s guaranteed that some of them will seek and find work in the increasingly popular functional clothing industry.

They might be intrigued by the idea of designing aesthetically contemporary outdoor clothing or of developing technically challenging workwear or even of combining a hobby with their work as a product manager for a sports company? They might also strive to combine craftmanship, fashion and high-end technology?

Now graduates of various fashion, textile or clothing technology courses can specialize further at BARTENSTEIN Academy, a private academy, built to meet the challenges of the functional clothing industry.

Life and work at BARTENSTEIN Academy enhance existing practical skills and add deep digital knowledge. Mastering fully digitalized ergonomic pattern making, technical design, and the use of artificial intelligence are skills highly relevant for the present and future of the clothing industry.

Students learn everything about functional materials, such as waterproof and breathable materials, about elastic form knitted and compression textiles and about other properties such as flame retardancy, cut resistance or even ballistic protection. They design and develop collections in the adjacent factory that reach a quality high enough to be easily adopted by the industry.

In this way, a portfolio of competencies can be developed that are highly relevant for the future and for future employers. The sponsorship network and the supporting industrial community are waiting for the first graduates of BARTENSTEIN. Interesting, fair and creative jobs are therefore within reach – also for scholarships and apprentices.

This is why we want to offer you, a high-quality educational institution, the chance to introduce us to your graduates. You can help them decide to take the next educational steps towards a specialization that guarantees jobs and interesting work.

We would love to come and visit you to introduce ourselves at an informal information event. We would also like to send you brochures, flyers or posters so that you can post information about BARTENSTEIN on your real or virtual pinboards or display it in places frequented by your students.

And we might have an interesting offer for you: for every student that enrols at BARTENSTEIN, we will provide a free two-day seminar for one of your colleagues on a topic of your choice. In this way, you can create an interesting training program for your employees and we get the chance to meet your graduate students. What do you think?

Is this an offer that appeals? Do you have any ideas, suggestions or an interest in cooperating?

Please contact us. We are looking forward to your reply and will contact you in the immediate


Many thanks for your time and consideration in this matter.

We are very grateful for your support and send warm and kind regards,


Birgit Schaldecker

Your contact at BARTENSTEIN is Birgit Schaldecker. You can reach her on +49 1578 2071280

or at bschaldecker@bartenstein.academy www.bartenstein.academy