A new source of outdoor inspiration… Fjallraven teams up with Vespucci Adventures.

Since it was founded in 1960, one of Fjallraven’s core principles has been to encourage more people to embrace spending time outdoors in nature. As part of this continuing mission, Fjallraven has teamed up with Vespucci Adventures, a new company dedicated to inspiring more of us to escape the confines of everyday life and explore more. With Fjallraven on board as its Founding Partner, Vespucci Adventures will offer individuals a wide range of carefully curated trips that are designed to be accessible yet exciting and that can easily be completed over a day or weekend.

Fjallraven believes that at any point, nature is out there waiting to be explored and this mindset fits perfectly with the motivation behind Vespucci Adventures. The team at Vespucci will offer its audience access to two different types of adventures, longer and more elaborate ‘Signature Adventures’ which are guides that can be purchased directly from the site and shorter ‘Impulse Adventures’ which will be free for any outdoor enthusiast to download or print off. All sponsored by Fjallraven, new Impulse Adventures will be added to the site every fortnight and activities will range from walks and bike rides to sightseeing and river kayaking. All of the outings are designed to be easy for anyone to enjoy with low-costs and public transport access a priority.

Ralph White, Managing Director of Fjallraven in the UK, commented: “At Fjallraven we’re passionate about inspiring more people to get out and enjoy nature and what the team at Vespucci is doing offers a fantastic fit with our approach. Their idea is fresh, imaginative and easy to access”.

Alex Middleton, Founder and CEO of Vespucci Adventures, added: “We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Fjallraven. Our mission at Vespucci Adventures is to inspire people to get outside with a series of walks, cycle rides and other adventures and our Impulse Adventures, free to download, will now be brought to you thanks to Fjallraven. Our brand values are perfectly aligned and we hope that many will now benefit as a result of our collaboration.”

To find out more about Vespucci Adventures, visit www.vespucciadventures.com or explore the full Fjallraven product range at www.fjallraven.co.uk.