A response to Charitable Giving: A National Disgrace?

“I can only think the above poorly constructed and researched article was written to provoke. Over the many years we have operated in this sector we have collaborated with hundreds of charities to design and operate safe and enjoyable challenges for their fundraisers.  As a result we have built up an enviable reputation due to our professionalism, friendly and flexible approach, competitive pricing and safety record.

Overseas challenges represent a vital funding stream for many charities and undoubtedly attract new fundraisers, and thus new funds. The charities we work with will testify to this.

Discover Adventure is a business, which like any other has operating costs and overheads. We are in business to succeed, but have a clear conscience that our open challenges offer the best possible deal for charities. All our trips use a standard cost to income ratio which ensures that the charity retains at least 60% of the income. If participants raise more than the minimum fundraising target, the charity retains an even higher percentage. In my experience many supporters raise in excess of that minimum target.  We exclude the deposit from the calculation as this sum represents a commitment that generally ties the individual into the endeavour.

The value of tourism to the local economy of the countries to which we travel should not be underestimated. Our style of travel, often to remote parts of the world, generates employment and incomes in rural communities which often have no source of revenue other than subsistence farming. On our Kilimanjaro and Machu Picchu treks, we employ three porters for every participant, as well as hiring local guides who are a crucial part of the team. In addition we use local hotels, transport services and restaurants, all of which employ local people who derive direct economic benefits from our presence.

Furthermore we contribute to the local economy in South Wiltshire and East Dorset by employing twenty staff at our Head Office.

The reality of charity treks and bike rides is that many tens of thousands of people have been inspired by the challenge of doing something they never thought they could do, and through this raise much needed funds for some of the largest charities in the country.”