About Us

SGB Outdoor

SGB Outdoor is a magazine for outdoor buyers, managers and staff – in all manner of retail environments, where outdoor products are sold.

Following its 14 year history (formerly known as Outdoor Update), SGB Outdoor has recently undergone a renaissance.

The most noticeable change is that SGB Outdoor is now only available in a fully interactive ‘digital’ format, embracing the digital revolution for a host of reasons;


The Environment

As an outdoor magazine, writing about the outdoor sector, it only seems fitting that our magazine follows a route which is as ecologically friendly as possible: so naturally a digital issue automatically means no print (plates etc), ink or paper is used.

Our digital issue needs no special software to view and is fully compatible with all computers (and soon Iphones/Ipad).

Our software also offers a text based version, so can be viewed by Ereaders (Kinder etc).


For those who must read a printed copy, our digital issue can be printed directly from any page, or can be downloaded to view when outside an internet connection (for instance: on a train or plane).

Once registered, readers will be sent a link to our online issue 12 times a year via email – there are no fees for this service, nor any control terms: i.e. everyone can benefit from reading our magazine


Editorial and Circulation

In print, all publishers are bound by postage and printing costs – therefore, subscription and advertising revenue has a direct bearing on the number of editorial pages which appear.

However, in a digital format, there are no limits – we can now include as many editorial pages as we feel we need to: giving readers more to read every month.  Plus, we can send an email to tens of thousands of readers at the push of a button.

For advertisers who are looking for response: the more eyes, the better.


Interactive & educational

Our digital issues are hosted by one of the leading online digital publishers, who offer state of the art interactive digital issues, all in a format which we are familiar with.  The magazine appears on screen as a traditional magazine, even featuring a realistic sound, as each page is turned over.

However, this is where the similarity ends.

Alongside being able to zoom in on articles, search for particular keywords and click on email/web links, we can also upload video and audio content which readers can play directly from the page.  This means that we are not limited to just 700 words per page, uploading everything from product videos, to training guides and interviews – allowing us to offer readers more than ever before.


No delays

SGB Outdoor will never be lost in the post, fall down the back of the sofa, get coffee spilt on it or given to a friend and then never seen again.  All issues (current and back) will remain live on our website for years to come, allowing readers to look back over years of information, at the touch of a button.


Google and Social Networking sites

Due to their construction, every page of SGB Outdoor will be referred to by search engines (such as google) in keyword searches – therefore your editorial/advertisement can be found by any reader.

Plus, you can also highlight particular pages to colleagues/customers by placing direct links to these pages in emails, and also on Social Networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. 


Educational and Advertising

Everyone can now read a copy of SGB Outdoor, right from the owner/CEO, down to the staff in the shop.  Therefore if your company has a key message to convey to the buyer, but also the staff on the shop floor, our magazine will offer a direct way to inform the entire audience in one go.

Our digital issue offers full statistical support, counting the number of times that links are clicked, pages are seen and the time spent reading.

For the first time since ‘reader registration cards’ SGB Outdoor is able to show you how popular your advertisement is, and how well it has performed.


Room for constant development

There are no limits with our digital issue – SGB Outdoor is soon to establishing a video blog site, for gear reviews and fun stuff, which will transpose across into the main issue – we are looking into Ipad/Iphone applications, to allow those on the move to read our magazine at any time.