Adventurer steps nearer 10m metres

Charity fundraiser to run from London to Rome as part of mission to raise £1 million over 10m metres to help cure Parkinson’s disease

Charity fundraiser Alex Flynn will step nearer his target of covering 10 million metres by 2014 when he embarks on a 30-day, 1,800 mile run from London to Rome on June 10.

Flynn is aiming to cover the 10 million metre distance in aid of The Cure Parkinson’s Trust. Flynn himself was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2008.

Already he has covered more than one million metres, over 11 per cent of the total distance, while become the first Parkinson’s sufferer to complete the Marathon des Sables. More races and challenges are forthcoming, including the Challenge Henley Ironman distance triathlon, the South African Otter Trail and the Trans USA ultramarathon.

He has collected nearly £40,000 so far for The Cure Parkinson’s Trust on his mission to raise £1 million, a feat which he admits is ‘no drop in the ocean’.

“I have three goals: to raise £1 million, which is no drop in the ocean; to raise awareness of Parkinson’s disease; and to inspire people to take on challenges in their everyday lives, be it an illness or something else.”

Flynn added that he is always on the look out for corporate sponsors to allow him to undertake challenges. Financial services group deVere has recently signed up as a sponsor, alongside recognised industry names such as Orca, Zoggs, Ardblair Sports Importers, Buff, PureTri and others.

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