Anevay launch their newest stove: The Frontier Plus

Anevay have announced the launch of their newest stove, the Frontier Plus, to be launched via Kickstarter on Tuesday 2nd September. The bigger brother to their cult favourite Frontier Stove, the Frontier Plus will have a larger flue, a glass window in the door, and a secondary air control on the door. It will still be as portable and compact as the original Frontier, with the whole thing packing inside the body, and a convenient carrying handle.

Frontier plus 2

Anevay will also be sticking to their humanitarian roots, offering a Kickstarter reward option that allows backers to donate a little extra money with their stove to help Anevay install an identical stove in a home or shelter in Nepal, where many people are still using dangerous and harmful cooking methods inside their homes. Respiratory disease is one of the biggest killers in developing countries, and according to the WHO kills more than 2 million people each year – more than Malaria and AIDS.

The Frontier Plus can be installed in just minutes in tents, sheds, vans and tiny houses and provides cooking and heating for small spaces. The large top plate allows for cooking with two or more pans at once, and the glass window means you can cosy up in your tent and watch the flames.