Around the World in 95 Litres

Adventure Proof_Travel_Vietnam Boat

From hundreds of inspiring pitches from the Osprey community, 9 intrepid explorers have been selected to be part of the global AdventureProof journey.

The participants, equipped with a Transporter 95 and £500 towards their trip, will be covering more than 35 countries over the next 12 months and will be undertaking a wide range of exciting activities. Adventures including epic treks into Patagonian winds, volcano drone exploration and a 5,000 mile journey travelled only by sustainable transport!

The adventurers have been placed into relay teams, each team taking their own Transporter 95. The rugged duffel will accompany the adventurers as they explore the world, before finally being passed on to the next participant at end of each journey.

‘Team Transporter Red’ have begun the first leg of their journey with adventurer Sophie Neary trekking through Nepal while team ‘Team Transporter Blue’ sets off for the Inca trail with Clare Connelly. As well as the two relay teams we also have one 12 month adventurer who will be exploring south-east Asia before driving the whole length of America in a converted campervan!

The adventure doesn’t end with our community either. Osprey Europe athletes Jerome Clementz (Enduro MTB rider), Mike Horn (International Explorer) and Gabriella Edebo (Skier and Climber) will be participating in their own global adventures and relaying another of our Transporter 95s.

You can follow these epic journeys on our OspreyAdventureProof page or by joining us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Email. Why not get involved and show off your own adventures by using #OspreyAdventureProof.