B Corp Sustainability accolade for tentree

Well, after all the heat, it was a real pleasure to come back from this morning’s walk looking like a drowned rat!  You can almost hear the plants slurping..
As we take tentative steps along the new normal path, here’s a bit of good news – for the environment, the customer and, fingers crossed, the brand.
Sustainability Accolade for tentree
While we all know about Patagonia’s commitment to sustainability and the environment, tentree, a relatively new brand to the UK, has just placed a close second behind them in the B Corp rankings.  This little-publicised sustainability certification has received over 100k applications since its launch in 2006, only 3.5k of which have achieved the minimum 80 points needed across  five key areas: governance, workers, environment, customers and community.  Says Chloe Ticehurst, sales manager for tentree UK, “this is a great accolade for the founders who have always firmly believed that we have a responsibility to protect and preserve the world we live in.  The brand has been planting ten trees for every product sold and using sustainable materials since it launched in 2012, with the target being 1 billion trees planted by 2030.  The positive impact in the communities surrounding those plantations is an inspiration too.”