Berghaus extends Nordic reach

Berghaus Nordic AS to start trading from January 1, 2011 to handle brand throughout Scandinavia, Iceland and Finland

Berghaus parent company The Pentland Group and Norway-based Bertel O. Steen (BoS), which owns the Faun Sports Group, have signed a partnership to launch Berhaus Nordic AS to handle the Berghaus brand throughout Scandinavia, Iceland and Finland.

Berghaus Nordic will start trading from January 1, 2011, and will incorporate product development, sales and marketing functions.

Launching for the autumn/winter 2011 season, Berghaus Nordic will initially focus on building business in Norway, establishing the brand in the core outdoor sector with clothing and equipment from the technical Extrem and Mountain ranges, and products that emerge from the new MtnHaus innovation programme.

Through the partnership, Berghaus Nordic AS will share some of the facilities of the BoS sports and outdoor division, which has been operating in the market since 1977. 

The company will be managed by a board consisting of Andy Long and Richard Cotter from The Pentland Group, Haakon Nygaard from the Faun Sports Group and Leif Holst Liaker, chief executive officer of Viking Footwear.

Staff for Berghaus Nordic will be recruited over the next few weeks, including a general manager, who will be responsible for running the company and representing the brand in the Nordic region. 

Richard Cotter, Berghaus brand president, said: “The Nordic region is a very important territory in the European outdoor sector.

“Although Berghaus has been present there for many years, this development is extremely significant.  On one hand, it delivers a great partnership for us with BoS. On the other, it sends out a clear signal that Berghaus is making a serious and long-term commitment to Scandinavia, Iceland and Finland.

“As a company in its own right, Berghaus Nordic AS will have the ability and wherewithal to invest in and maximise the brand’s potential in the market, starting with Norway but soon making inroads throughout the region.”

Haakon Nygaard, president of Faun Sports Group, said: “Berghaus has a long and rich heritage in Scandinavia. 

“Although the brand’s business in the region has been small in recent years, it is still regarded as one of Europe’s leading technical outdoor companies.  Harnessed well, the potential for Berghaus Nordic is very substantial and working closely with The Pentland Group, I believe that we have created a company that will soon become a major force in the Nordic outdoor market.”