Berghaus supports John Muir Trust

We like challenges, especially when they involve the outdoors. So when the John Muir Trust asked us to help them maintain mountain paths in the wilds of Scotland, we couldn’t say no. Formed in 1983, the John Muir Trust exists to protect and conserve wild places in the Highlands and the Islands of Scotland, as well as to increase awareness and understanding of the value of such places.
One of the ways in which they do this is by owning and looking after eight areas of superb natural beauty in the region – including their paths. That’s how thirteen of us came to find ourselves on the slopes of Schiehallion on a warm June day in 2006,working with experts from the Trust in the repair and maintenance of the mountain’s paths.

If you don’t know much about path maintenance work (and neither did we) we can tell you that it’s tough, timeconsuming and highly-skilled work. It’s also vital. In fact, when you think about it,we wouldn’t be where we are without paths – or the work of the John Muir Trust.

That’s why Berghaus support them.And why, as the last rays of sunshine disappeared over the mountaintop that summer’s day,we could look back on a day’s work in which we’d given something back to the places that give so much to us.