Berghaus to sell direct to public online

Berghaus has confirmed that it will start selling products to consumers from its website in March 2010.  The online retail programme is part of a broader strategy and the company will continue to invest in and support customers in the UK.  Berghaus believes that the initiative will extend the appeal of the brand and play a part in developing the outdoor sector as a whole, and plans to work closely with retailers so that they can benefit from that. 

Richard Cotter, Berghaus brand president, explained: “As the appeal of the outdoors continues to broaden and more consumers are looking for authentic outdoor products, it is essential that we offer them every opportunity to choose our brand. Branded online retailing is now an expected part of the purchasing mix as far as consumers are concerned.  Berghaus has to respond to consumer demand, but we are doing so in a measured way that is part of a broader, balanced strategy. We are committed to reaching new audiences and growing the whole outdoor market. A multi-channel consumer strategy is a fundamental step to achieve that, for the benefit of the brand and the sector in general.

“At the same time, we remain committed to supporting traditional specialist outdoor retailers.  Our sustained investment in point of sale material, in store merchandising, in store and on the hill training, and co-operative marketing campaigns is testament to that.”