BOGS sponsors dogs

Dog in bootsBOGS Footwear, the US functional footwear company – has struck a deal with Search and Rescue Dogs Association (Sarda) to provide the UK-team with BOGS Blaze hi boot with an insulation rating of -40°C.

Steve Ward, operational search dog training coordinator of Sarda said:  “Long days in the cold and wet training and assessing mountain rescue search dogs can leave our feet numb with the cold.  Bogs are renowned for their insulating properties and technical detail.  They make the perfect partner for our training days.”

The deal which will see Sarda dog handlers kitted out in BOGS wellies from the February 1 will run for a minimum of 12 months.  Sadly BOGS don’t make wellies for dogs though.  Bad luck Belle (pictured here with her handler Andy Colau).

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