Buff catches cartoon fever

Headwear brand releases Cars themed range to coincide with Disney sequel

Buff Headwear has released a range of special edition headwear to cash-in on consumer demand for Disney products resulting from the cinematic release of Cars 2.

The Cars range has been released alongside a Dora the Explorer series, based on the popular Nickelodeon cartoon.

The new licensed designs are available for kids aged 4-8 with four designs in Original and two in Polar Buff. Original Buff is constructed from a singular tube of polyester microfibre and can be worn in various ways: around the neck or on the head as a scarf, balaclava, foulard, mask, neckerchief, pirate, saharaine, hairband, wristband, diadem or headband.

The warmer Polar Buff uses a tube of Polartec together with a tube of Original Buff microfibre and is therefore ideal for the winter to protect the delicate neck and head area from the elements, Buff said.