C.A.M.P.’s Carabiners and quick draws

C.A.M.P. has already laid claim to the lightest carabiner in the world with the Nano 23. With the expansion of its hardware range, C.A.M.P. is now proud to make the claim that it has the largest and most innovative collection of carabiners in the world as well. 


Compact and light multipurpose carabiner with a good grip. Screw gate closure, Bet Lock closure. 49 g

CAMP Orbit express mixte dyneema (pictured)

Composed of an Orbit carabiner straight gate and an Orbit wire bent gate. It combines the advantages of the Bet Lock closing, that doesn’t get entangled in the anchorages, and the advantages of the thread gate, that has a big opening and the facility of insertion of the rope in all situations.

89 g (10 cm), 91 g (15 cm), 93 g (20 cm)

CAMP Orbit express dyneema

Multipurpose quick draw best for rock climbing, big wall and mountaineering, composed with an Orbit carabiner straight gate and an Orbit bent gate, connected by a Dyneema draw. The Bet Lock closing prevents the carabiner from getting entangled in the anchorages. 86 g (10 cm)


Compact and resistant carabiner for big wall, speleology and alpine aid, it is adapted for the use with plaquettes of assurance and pulleys. 

Bet Lock closure, available with or without screw gate closure.

71 g with screw gate closure