Campingaz celebrates 70 years of fuelling the outdoor industry

70 years of Campingaz

Campingaz celebrates 70 years of fuelling the outdoor industry

In 1949, Gabriel Corlet, André Colomb and René Sillon, three engineers from Lyon, France, invented a portable, refillable gas cylinder, called the “bidon bleu”. This was launched across Europe under the brand “Camping Gaz” and revolutionised the way we enjoy the great outdoors, making cooking easier for campers.

An innovative success across Europe, Campingaz became instantly recognisable by its distinctive blue gas cylinders and gas cartridges that quickly followed, these are now readily available in 14,000 outlets across 22 European countries. Last year, Campingaz manufactured and refilled over 20 million cartridges and cylinders and the extensive availability makes Campingaz a great option for travelling across the Channel and beyond. The initial purchase includes the cost of the cylinder, which encourages people to refill cylinders rather than discard them. When cylinders are no longer needed, Campingaz’s network collects the cylinders from waste centers, petrol stations, and camping and caravanning stores where they are sent on for refurbishment reducing the requirement to manufacture new cylinders.

Andrew Noble, Commercial Director, UK, BNL and Nordics at Coleman EMEA comments on the lifetime exchange scheme, “Campingaz cylinders, when empty, are refurbished at our factory in France, refilled with gas and then will be back on the shop shelves, so wastage is kept to an absolute minimum. A Campingaz cylinder can be used, refurbished and refilled with gas for many decades. It’s an important environmental consideration.”

All this is done from the Campingaz site in Saint Genis Laval, Lyon, which has been the company’s headquarters since 1952. This is also where product development, testing, and certification is carried out. From the first Campingaz two-burner stove which was developed the year the factory opened, to the introduction of Bleuet Stove pocket stove in 1955 and the hard coolers which expanded the range in 1975, Campingaz’s innovative products are designed to provide maximum convenience and safety to allow people to cook and eat outdoors anywhere and at any time.

In the 1990s, Campingaz invested in outdoor cooking closer to the home by developing a range of gas barbecues and planchas, and in 1997 following the company acquisition by the global leader in camping equipment, Coleman, Campingaz Italia opened its factory doors, producing gas barbecues.

“We’re proud to say that over the last 70 years we have brought products to the market which have transformed our experience of cooking in the great outdoors,” Noble adds, “Our in-house development team continues to push the boundaries of innovation, with exciting new products due to launch in 2020, and we look forward to continuing to live up to the title of the Outdoor Cooking Expert for many years to come.”

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