Industry Analysis

  • FOOD for thought

    By SGB outdoor on 01/09/2009
    Most outdoor enthusiasts wouldn’t think of themselves as athletes yet a quick look at the physical demands of the things we do in the hills may suggest otherwise, with an average hill walk, mountain bike ride or day spent on the crag likely to require a high level of aerobic and anaerobic fitness as well as stamina, strength and sometimes […]
  • The Value of Advice

    By SGB outdoor on 29/07/2009
    Buying commercial insurance cover to protect a business can be riddled with complexities – even for the smallest company. However, many business owners could come unstuck because they believe that they are receiving advice as they buy their insurance when in reality all they are getting is information, according to research commissioned by the British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA). Advertising […]
  • The Everest Circus

    By SGB outdoor on 29/07/2009
    Anyone with even a vague interest in the media would have noticed that our very own Sir Ranulph Fiennes climbed Everest in May, finally, after three attempts in four years. This news is just the tip of the Everest Circus iceberg. I heard about Ran’s achievement on May 20th on the early BBC TV news (he didn’t make it on […]
  • Making a difference through Conservation

    By SGB outdoor on 29/06/2009
    As described previously, 100% of funds raised from membership fees, and funding raised from other sources such as events at OutDoor and ispo are ploughed into grassroots conservation projects that have been nominated and then voted for, by the membership. The projects that have been supported in the past two years include: John Muir Trust – Scotland, UK; nominated by […]
  • Greenland

    By SGB outdoor on 31/05/2009
    This April I was back in Greenland for a third time guiding a week-long private expedition for two clients. Yes – just two, who are time-poor and somewhat cash-rich old chums. They wanted to do their own thing, when they wanted, with no strings attached. We arrived at Constable Point on Greenland’s east coast via Iceland and from the airport […]
  • What is the EOG Association for Conservation?

    By SGB outdoor on 06/05/2009
    In June 2006, the EOG Association for Conservation was brought into being following a desire by the Outdoor Industry to collectively ‘put something back’ into conserving and protecting the environment that it cared about so passionately. Patagonia, a member of the European Outdoor Group (EOG), asked what the EOG was doing with regards to environmental issues, and out of this […]
  • Charitable giving: a national disgrace?

    By SGB outdoor on 30/03/2009
    Early in the morning of March 7th in “biting winds” and temperatures down to minus 15 degrees C., motor mouth Radio One DJ Chris Moyles, actress Denise Van Outen, boy band singer Ronan Keating and other celebs topped out on the summit of Kilimanjaro. It was a great effort to raise funds for Comic Relief but it is hardly an […]
  • Small businesses in the economic downturn

    By SGB outdoor on 04/03/2009
    The current economic climate presents a real challenge to businesses and many outdoor employers are coming under increasing pressure to keep a tight rein on their budgets. As companies face tougher choices to ensure they remain profitable, training budget cuts are being considered, especially if the return on investment is not immediately apparent. The good news is that outdoor employers […]
  • Re-use, repair and recycle; a way out of recession

    By SGB outdoor on 29/01/2009
    The value of the pound against the Euro, dollar and most other major currencies has hit rock bottom. Unemployment is rising. Stock prices have crashed. Pension funds look ropey. Saving rates are dismal; even Premium Bonds look like a poor bet. House prices have slumped. It’s all doom and gloom. Or is it? Could there be silver, or even a […]
  • Game, Mindset & Match

    By SGB outdoor on 18/11/2008
    Fast approaching the age of 47, I am more qualified, knowledgeable and skilled in various disciplines now than when I was younger, even if I have to admit that I am physically less able (cue list of old and new injuries). Arguably, some physical attributes are over-rated and mindset is equally, if not more, important, depending on your game. Some […]