• OIA launches procurement management service

    By SGB outdoor on 06/06/2011
    First of two initiatives run by PartnerSave now available The Outdoor Industries Association (OIA) and PartnerSave are working together on two procurement management initiatives designed to save association members thousands of pounds. The first of these, Affinity Pro, is already up and running and is designed for larger businesses. It begins with a detailed and bespoke analysis of a company’s […]
  • Riding High

    By SGB outdoor on 01/09/2007
    Mountain biking is an excellent way to enjoy the great outdoors. I’d venture as far as to say that there are some upland areas of the UK that lend themselves far better to exploration on bike than they do on foot – although I’m not going to name them in fear of a postbag full of complaints. And while this […]