INVISTA’s CORDURA® brand has played a central role in the recent success of Croatian company Čateks.

With a focus on the production of specialized fabrics for the military sector, Čateks is one of the oldest-established mills in Croatia – and one of our most important partners in Europe. The company has a long tradition of high quality, and their well-earned reputation has paid off with the winning of a major contract from the Ministry of Defence in their neighbouring country of Slovenia.

Durability that decreases the total cost of ownership

The fabric, to be used in uniforms for Slovenia’s armed forces, is innovative CORDURA® NYCO. Originally developed specifically as a wear-resistant, lightweight comfort solution for military combat uniforms, CORDURA® NYCO fabric is engineered with an intimate blend of INVISTA T420 nylon 6,6 staple fibre and high-quality Giza cotton.

This results in significantly enhanced abrasion and tear resistance, delivering the exceptional level of durability demanded by garments destined to be worn in the toughest and most hostile environments. This high level of durability pays off in two ways: it means the uniforms can perform more effectively in action while being more cost-effective thanks to a longer life cycle.

At the same time, the high cotton content helps make the fabric easy and comfortable to wear over prolonged periods in action – an essential quality in uniforms for military and tactical wear.

 More protection under fire

Another key factor of Čateks CORDURA® NYCO fabric produced for this military contract is how it reacts when ignited. The flame is slow to spread, and the charred fabric residue does not adhere to the skin. Added to other high-performance features, this characteristic helps to make Čateks CORDURA® NYCO fabric an optimum choice in the defence sector.

 CORDURA® NYCO and Čateks. A growing military alliance.

Cooperation between INVISTA and Čateks has gone from strength to strength, beginning in 2007 with a major project to supply the Croatian Army with CORDURA® NYCO. This project continues to the present day and has helped to promote the benefits of CORDURA® NYCO to an ever-growing number of military and law enforcement organisations – in the European Union and worldwide.

In an interview with European online news stream novo.hr, shown on Čateks website, director Davor Sabolić says:

“In addition to Slovenia, our company has so far manufactured fabrics for the armies of Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Kuwait, Montenegro. We are currently developing projects for the military, special forces units or police in the Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, the Netherlands, Estonia, Italy, the Nordic countries and others.”

Čateks is the largest manufacturer of specialized military CORDURA® NYCO fabric in Europe and will be supplying the Slovenian MOD with approximately 180,000 metres over a three-year contract, which the company says is valued at an estimated €3 million.

Čateks is also active in driving forward other major on-going projects that will further increase the presence of CORDURA® NYCO in military and law enforcement organisations throughout the world.