Cheetah spotted at PGA National Golf Academy

EDH Sport the South African based technology company installed the very first FlightScope Cheetah to be seen in Europe at the PGA National Golf Academy in March.

The Cheetah is an outdoor ball trajectory monitor that can measure the entire flight path of a golf ball in 3D with great accuracy.

Cheetah has the most extensive set of Measured Parameters on the market today. Cheetah measures true 3D Data for the Club and the Ball, as well as Ball Spin directly, with NO SPECIAL BALL MARKING required, at accuracies unsurpassed in the field at this time. The equipment has extensive benefits in assisting players of all levels understand in detail what effect swing technique or equipment changes make to the behaviour of the golf ball. Its predecessor FlightScope Pro has been in use at the PGA National Golf Academy for over two years and has been a firm favourite of many of the PGA Professionals based at the Academy due to its accuracy and simplicity to use. It is expected that Cheetah will further reinforce this loyal following. EDH Sport are based in Stellenbosch, South Africa, the company was founded in 1989 by founder Henri Johnson, an inventor and electronic engineer.

EDH develops products for both military and sports markets and has its core expertise in the design and development of 3D tracking radar systems. FlightScope Racket Radar is being used extensively on the WTA and ATP tennis tours, Davis Cup and The Championships Wimbledon. The FlightScope Speed gun is used in cricket throughout the world.

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