Correctly Caring for Outdoor Footwear this Winter Will Keep It Performing Better for Longer

Adverse winter weather conditions such as rain and snow resulting in wet and muddy trails can take their toll on outdoor shoes and boots, leaving them caked in dirt and losing performance.

Over time dirt masks the water-repellent treatment on footwear, meaning the outer material starts absorbing water – resulting in damp and soggy feet! Correctly – and regularly cleaning and caring for footwear – particularly over the harsh winter months – will help to restore and enhance the performance of walking boots and shoes, helping you to get maximum usage from your gear.

Suitable for all footwear, STORM’s FOOTWEAR WASH (SRP £8 for 150ml) is a concentrated pre-wash high strength cleaner that removes stubborn stains and marks. A direct application spray formula, it is pH neutral is suitable for both fabric and leather footwear. The WASH lifts dirt from fibres in preparation for a proofing treatment. Simply remove loose dirt from footwear with a brush, shake the bottle, spray cleaner onto a dampened surface, rub gently and rinse well. Allow to dry before proofing.

Once cleaned, use STORM’s FOOTWEAR PROOF (SRP £7.50 for a 150ml trigger spray bottle) to restore the original water-repellent finish to the surface of your waterproof footwear., the easy to use direct spray-on proofer is suitable for all footwear including; fabric, leather, suede and combination materials. Even non-waterproof footwear, such as approach or running shoes can benefit from a treatment of a waterproofer as it will reduce the water take-up of the material, reducing the added weight of wet shoes and also allow them to dry quicker.

STORM’s FOOTWEAR PROOF is an advanced air cure proofer, meaning it requires no direct heat to become active. Just leave the treated footwear in a warm room for 12 hours after they are dried naturally to achieve the best results.

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