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The BGIA has published an extensive study on the golf apparel and footwear market in Europe, split into three volumes: Southern Europe; Northern Europe, and Central & Eastern Europe. SGB Golf is publishing an exclusive series of country summaries from the report, the first of which covers the emerging golf market in Romania:

While Romania remains an enigma to many in the British golf industry at present, the country has a population of at least 21.6 million, which is the second biggest in Eastern Europe after Poland, and it is beginning to attract investment from major sports retailers such as Decathlon and Intersport.

Since joining the European Union in 2007, economic modernisation has accelerated and import duty has been slashed from 25-30% pre-2007, to 3-5% since. Romania has become the world’s 25th largest importer of consumer products.

In sports, tennis and football are much more popular than golf at present, although the country’s portfolio of 10 golf courses is set to double if existing plans are fulfilled. There are less than 500 registered Romanian golfers at present, and negligible golf tourism as yet.

The Romanian golf market remains in its infancy, but the long-term future is promising.

Each volume of the BGIA report is available for €2,000 (or €1,000 for BGIA members), or all three volumes together for €5,000 (or €2,500 for BGIA members). For further information contact Jacqui

Baldwin at the BGIA:

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