Craghoppers’ NosiLife steals the show

SGB: NosiLife is getting a lot of attention – tell us about it…

Paul Lee: In 2002, the company developed some anti-insect clothing, which was called Nosquito and is to be known as Nosi from SS10 onward. This was proven, by The London School of Medicine and Tropical Disease to prevent 90% of insect bites, which is great for a travel, outdoor brand.

The market in mind, when Nosquito was launched, was international medical professionals, aid workers etc people actually out in the field working, who required professional grade protection. That’s how the need originally arose for the clothing. However, after 35 washes Nosquito or Nosi effectively loses its key feature because the repellency eventually washes out. So for spring/summer 2010 we’re launching NosiLife (pronounced Nozzy Life), a man-made fabric, which offers continuous repellency and protection for the lifetime of the product. It’s permanent insect-repellent clothing.

SGB: So it’s permanently insect repellent?

PL: Yes, it’s permanent insect-repellent clothing, and that’s how we’re going to market the range. It will be flagged as NosiLife, permanent-insect repellent clothing in the form of a really good logo, on a blood red background. Our communication will be very straightforward making it easy to grasp from a consumer perspective.

It’s a world exclusive!

SGB: And how have you done that?

PL: We’ve done it in association with a company called HealthGuard. We’ve worked closely with them, literally to develop the clothing for the requirements of Craghoppers customers. We’ve actively developed clothing that repels insects and prevents bites.

SGB: Obviously Craghoppers is a well-known brand. Is this a new line of garments or is this a treatment that you’re adding to your existing range?

PL: Spring/summer 2010 is a fresh, clean colour palette, it’s new clothing. We’ve fused an element of fashion with the functionality of the product. It’s all brand new gear.

SGB: How does it differ from existing Craghoppers apparel?

PL: New designs, new colours available for spring/summer ’10, all with the NosiLife repellency.

SGB: Is there any particular reason that you’ve gone down the route of creating a ‘sub-brand’, rather than creating an add-on to the existing Craghoppers brand? What problems does that present for you in terms of marketing it?

PL: All our NosiLife marketing material, will feature the Craghoppers brand name. But we feel it’s important to lead with NosiLife and explain the USP and features and benefits of the product(s) to the retailers and to the customers. We hope NosiLife will become a successful brand in it’s own right. It shares many of Craghoppers values, including, of course, that it’s quality, innovative clothing at an affordable price.

SGB: There are some brands out there with very deep pockets – how did Craghoppers end up with this world exclusive?

PL: Craghoppers have a reputation for world first innovations and we’re just continuing that.

Clearly the next stage after Nosquito was to make the insect-repellency permanent, so it’s a natural progression. It’s certainly been, as you say, well received by the trade and retail.

SGB: After you won the OutDoor award, what was the feeling at the show?

PL: I think the over-riding feeling at Friedrichshafen and now, is one of excitement and looking forward to launching the product in March next year. Certainly throughout the office and with the sales team on the road, there’s a real enthusiasm, a buzz!

SGB: What are the key pieces in the range?

PL: Well predominantly the long-sleeved shirts and range of trousers. For men it’s the NosiLife long-sleeved shirt and for women the NosiLife Darla long-sleeved shirt. And then for men and women there are a variety of trousers on offer, including lite trousers.

SGB: In terms of marketing these, how are you going to do it? Have you got some beautiful campaign planned?

PL: We have a national ad campaign planned for shortly before NosiLife’s release. We’ll be promoting the brand in key national press and consumer magazines, to complement the in store activity.

SGB: Is Nosi going to be phased out for NosiLife?

PL: No, Nosi is very much going to continue.

SGB: So you think there’s still a market for that alongside NosiLife?

PL: Yes, because it will be available at a more affordable price point and certain customers will want the protection on a cotton garment, which Nosi offers.

SGB: How are you going to differentiate between those two at retailer level?

PL: In store, the NosiLife area is going to be highly visible due to its merchandising; header boards, show cards and leaflets, plus window displays. When people walk in to the various stores they should be able to identify NosiLife easily. That’s obviously a key part of our teams’ job in the lead up to March. The customers should be familiar with what the product is and what it offers them.

SGB: What’s the price range going to be?

PL: The least expensive pieces in the range are the scarves, with a RRP of £15 each, through to the Sherman Gilet at £60. The Gilet is loaded with features and benefits and handiness aside is insect-repellent, sun-protective and fast drying.

The men’s and women’s long-sleeved shirts are £50 each and the trousers range between £45 and £60.

For further information, SGB readers can contact Tim Mahy (National Accounts) on 0161 749 1300 or email