Cybertill/J2 join forces to ‘benefit retail’

Software and hardware specialists forge EPoS partnership to provide universal retail solution

Cybertill and J2 Retail Systems have forged a partnership that the duo said will provide a ‘universal EPoS solution for the retail community’.

Cybertill, which will be installing J2 Retail Systems hardware as part of the partnership, said it has one of the ‘most diverse retail user bases of all the EPoS solution providers’, ranging from big charity retailers to independent specialist stores. These, it added, have different requirements, ranging from the appearance of tills to durability of hardware.

Ian Tomlinson (pictured), Cybertill chief executive, said: “Each of our clients makes different demands of EPoS.  The good thing is that J2 shares our broad presence in the retail sector, and its EPoS hardware is proven and well regarded.  With J2, we can be confident that wherever we install its units they’ll fit in well and be reliable and cost-effective.

“There’s no doubt that J2 tills are good-looking and have a smaller footprint than many other units.  This is of real value to our independent retailer clients who need to maximise their space for merchandising and promoting the business, as it helps them de-clutter the point-of-sale area.”

Tomlinson added: “The fact that J2 hardware is well-engineered makes it cost-effective for our customers as well as suitable for the most rugged environments.

“Our clients look for something that gives them confidence.  They want to focus on serving their customers, rather than be distracted by using the till, and this is where J2 scores.”

Moray Boyd, managing director of J2 Retail Systems, said: “Our Cybertill partnership is a good match.  We’re always adding to our product range, using emerging technologies to make for a better user experience of EPoS and achieve a lower cost of ownership. Retail is particularly tough at present, and we believe we can help Cybertill clients run more efficient and more profitable businesses.”