Dare unveil BLACK LABEL & MEN’S SKI collection

Specialist multi-sportswear brand Dare 2b has unveiled their first-ever Black Label collection alongside their Men’s Ski for AW19. Focused on technical ski and sleek monochrome aesthetic, this is comprised of 5 slimmer ski sport fit styles, ensuring a full 360 stretch. 

The Black Label range incorporates two of the brands latest technologies and holds some of the brand’s most high-grade jackets to date, the OUTSHOUT JACKET, as well as the EDGE OUT JACKET. This, including many more, incorporates AEP kinematics, which uses an ergonomic fit in order to enhance both agility and power allowing for more freedom of movement, analysing the body’s points of motion during athletic performance. With this we also see VECT technology; the continuous conductive graphene compound print helps to regulate the body’s temperature, creating a personal microclimate, creating the perfect attire for the modern-day athlete. 

With lightweight fabric in multiple sleek and stylish colours, the MAXOUT CORE STRETCH provides quick-drying qualities making this safe and suitable for all weather conditions, with added protection welcomed by the built-in inner zip & chin guard. 

 These durable pieces like the REVOLUTE JACKET, a key collection highlight, boast technologies such as cuffed hems, taped seams, with light, breathable, waterproof 4-way stretch fabrics, providing the perfect water repellent finish. 

Combined in the sleek ABSOLUTE PANT and throughout the collection, ARED VO2 STRETCH 20,000 hosts their most advanced waterproof technology, perfectly providing the right freedom of movement ideal for high energy activities. These can also be found in Citron Lime and Clementine Orange, as well as classic shades of grey, ideal for adding pops of bright colour ideal for hitting the slopes. 

Returning hero styles include the RATIFIED CORE STRETCH and the RIFORM CORE STRETCH, best known for the durable and quick-drying fabric finish, combining the ILUS Core Stretch technology, combining 4-way stretch properties with warmth and comfort; these are a perfect match for the experienced outdoor enthusiast. Introduced for AW19 is a wide range of new colourways, including the likes of Fiery Red/Ash Grey Marl/Admiral Blue & Ocean Depths/Cloudy Grey/Citron Lime.