Designed and built to cross continents

Lowe Alpine has always created gear for committed travellers. Many of the world’s most challenging mountains require days, even weeks of hard travel before you even glimpse your objective. Time served toting expedition gear gave the Lowe brothers the insight to develop their original range of travel designs in the 1970s, the first travel packs that carried as comfortably as a backpack.
Lowe Alpine’s new line of travel packs combines this heritage with thoughtful, function-led design and bomb-proof materials. Coming hard on the heels of their highly successful TFX and AirZone pack developments, the much-anticipated launch will create considerable interest at this summer’s Salt Lake City and Friedrichshafen trade shows.
The iconic Travel Trekker name is retained as an overall theme in this new range of backpacks, duffles, wheeled and hand luggage. These are bags built to last – forget recycling, your great grandson will be using these on the first Mars express.
Real-life practicality is the order of the day. Many travellers don’t want a detachable daypack – they already own one, so Lowe Alpine has devised a clamshell pouch system that allows virtually any daypack to be attached simply and securely.
Materials are carefully selected to ensure maximum durability. Wheeled baggage is specified with high-impact polypropylene base units rather than the more commonly-used ABS plastics which can shatter. Polypropylene is virtually indestructible but not as rigid, so Lowe Alpine has cunningly combined this material with their new Torsion Track chassis which adds rigidity.  The TT Take Off, Destination and Traveller all offer 60-litre capacities with varying specifications.
Lowe Alpine’s philosophy with travel packs is that they should first and foremost carry with comfort. The TT range features a new back system built on the same principles as their acclaimed TFX adjustable back – the TFX Travel is capable of carrying heavy loads with comfort, but zips away when you need to check luggage in. The range-topping Travel Trekker Pro 70+15 and women’s ND 60+16 version both incorporate the TFX Travel adjustable back and include integral daypacks. The Travel Trekker II 70 and women’s ND60 retain all the original features of the original Travel Trekker and more, with the unique clamshell pouch allowing existing daypacks to be securely attached. Plus there’s the TT Tour 70 and ND60 aimed at the budget traveller who still wants top build quality, and the new 40-litre TT Carry-On sized to meet airline cabin baggage requirements.
Smaller luggage includes the TrekIT 27 overnight and computer bag, the Trek Pod 17+ 5 expandable day pack, TT Pro Pod 17 and ND 16 day packs designed to integrate with TT trekking packs, plus the budget Trek Pod 20. At the same time, Lowe Alpine has also revamped its highly successful accessory range, including new TT accessories designed to complement the travel packs. New packaging and point of sale material has been designed to attract, inform and persuade.
Lowe Alpine says that early viewings by dealers and international markets have generated a very positive reaction, and is predicting a strong take-up. The company is so confident about the technologies built into the new travel line that products are already being submitted for international design awards.