Easy Camp lighting drives away the dark

Early morning starts, late night relaxation, night time maintenance and comfort calls, a desire to extend the camping experience into the shoulder months… all situations can be met with the flick of a switch when using a battery-powered Easy Camp lantern and torch from its latest range of smart, fun and practical lighting products. And to aid choice they now fall into two categories: Adventure and Family.

Habu Torch LanternEasy Camp Adventure lighting is ideal for those campers who escape the beaten track and the clear focus is on functionality and compact pack size. The space-saving Habu Torch Lantern works as a torch yet converts to a handy lantern when the globe is pulled out of the main body (pictured right). The 1W LED produces 50 lumens for around 16 hours using three AA batteries. It features three light settings: low for close work, high for when a larger area needs to be lit and flashing to create a highly visible location marker. A hanging loop is provided for convenience.

Taipan TorchThe Taipan Torch (pictured left) also features a lantern function in the form of a strip of LEDs that run the length of its body. It can be suspended magnetically to light up a work area or used as a standard handheld torch.

Work area or ambient tent lighting is easy to achieve with the Dice Multi Lamp (pictured right). This features a wide angle LED and a spot LED at each end of a long flexible body that allows the Dice to be used in a huge variety of positions. Wrap it around a pole, use as a torch, create a candelabra, coil as a stand… ideas are limited by imagination. The Dice provides a flood light; spot light and dual light options to match demands.

Hands-free lighting is provided by the Yarara Headlamp that illuminates the area in direct eye line – perfect for night walks or when tasks demand both hands. The small body is Dice Multi Lamppositioned comfortably on the head using an adjustable elastic headband and it houses two CR2032 button batteries that power the three LEDs, producing 18 lumens for around 24 hours.

Family lighting are designed to make tent life comfortable and enjoyable for the modern family and balance good quality, easy-to-use versatile lanterns with great value and fun designs. The telescopic design of the Cantil Lantern allows the globe to be retraced for compact storage. Fold out feet allow standing use or it can be suspended from a convenient point. Four AA batteries produce 100 lumens for around 16 hours. Three light settings include high, low and flashing.

Coral LanternThe Coral Lantern (pictured left) features a detachable hanging unit that can be positioned according to use, either on the globe for table use or on the base for shadow free illumination when used as a hanging light. It provides 21 lumens of white light with an additional setting to convert it to a blue night light for ambient gentle lighting.

Campers wanting a funky standing lamp can check out the Viper Lantern (pictured right ) – the cone-shape light adds style to any dining table. Its 19 LEDs have high/low settings and produce 60 lumens for around 16 hours using four AA batteries. The lantern also features a hanging loop.Viper Lantern

Finally, the Dugite Lantern  features a creative space-saving ‘concertina’ globe design. When open it can be used freestanding or as a hanging lantern, with three light settings: high, low and flashing. It uses three AA batteries to power a 1W LED, producing 50 lumens for around 16 hours. An LED porthole allows the lantern to be used when folded, creating a handy torch.