End of the road for Petron

Petron, the Essex-based golf company, is closing down. Partner Keith Dicker remains owner of the Petron, Stix and Nitro brands, although he has not confirmed that the brands will continue. Kasco, Bite shoes and Conte of Florence, all brands that Petron distributed, are re-organising their UK operations.

“The company has not gone into liquidation and is not bankrupt,” Dicker tells SGB Golf. “We are collecting money owed to us, we are paying the people we owe to, and then we will walk away. We are selling off the stock and it will be a clean break.”

Dicker blames the failure of the business on the economic slowdown and lack of growth in golf.

“The golf trade is on the floor,” he says. “It is desperate. When you go into a recession, lifestyle and sport are the first things to take a kick because if people can’t pay their mortgages, the last thing they are going to do is buy a new driver. The recession will thin the golf industry out a bit, which it needs. There are too many suppliers and too many brands, and not enough people playing golf. All the kids want to be footballers now so the juniors aren’t coming through in golf like they used to.”