Eskimo expands brand portfolio

Eskimo Agency, distributors of the 2014 Novel Award-winning Scubba Washbag has expanded its brand portfolio to include 2 additional new headline-grabbing brands and increased its offering for the now well-established LuminAID range.

Two new and inspirational brands include Rumpl and Matador each with its own unique appeal to outdoor enthusiasts and gear junkies hungry for the very latest innovations to hit the market. The LuminAID solar lamp collection will now include the very latest Pack Line series of the PackLite 12 and PackLite 16 and the fun colour changing PackLite Spectra.

Firstly, Rumpl blankets apply all the technology and performance associated with premium outdoor puffa jackets and translates that technology into a lightweight, stylish blanket.  Rumpl blankets laugh in the face of the boring throws available from home stores to provide you with a genuine alternative that not only looks cool but will become one of your favourite pieces of outdoor kit by using advanced materials and innovative design.

Matador is a unique collection of water repellent, puncture resistant yet extremely durable blankets that fit neatly into your pocket.  The Matador folds out into a full size lawn blanket that can be shared by 2 people lying down and 3 or more to sit.  Perfect for all your outdoor adventures whether it’s festival fun time, an outdoor picnic or more epic journeys.

LuminAID is no ordinary solar powered lighting.  LuminAID is lightweight, inflatable solar powered and because it’s inflatable, it’s exceptionally lightweight, portable and waterproof which allows for numerous applications for end-usage.   The LuminAID PackLite 12 and 16 in the Pack Line collection provide brighter light for longer time lengths and the PackLite Spectra has the fun option of colour changes for festival time and cool outdoor parties.

Adam Sismey, Director of Eskimo Agency, commented on the new additions to the company’s growing portfolio, he said: “LuminAID, Rumpl and Matador will take consumer’s perceptions and understanding of their outdoor gear to another level and we believe will greatly enhance their enjoyment of being outdoors.  This includes everyone from more extreme end users to family campers and even uber-cool festival goers.  It’s all about enjoying being outside more.   Nobody is excluded