Experts line up at Golf Europe

Four seminars have been announced for the The 15th GOLF EUROPE, the leading trade fair for golf in Europe, which take place on the grounds of the New Munich Trade Fair Centre from 7 to 9 October 2007.

Dr Steve Otto, Director of Research and Testing at The Royal & Ancient Golf Clubs at St. Andrews, will speak on the topic “Using the science of golf to improve your game”.

Otto will talk about golf club technology and the laws of physics to which it is subject. He will talk both about club dynamics as well as the interaction with the ball, which takes place within fractions of one-thousandth of a second when a ball is hit. The imminent rule changes based on that as well as the creation and development of equipment regulations will also be discussed.

Otto will conduct practical demonstrations of the dynamics of the club and ball interaction within the driving range area at the Centre.

Sports psychologist Dr Karl Morris will conduct a workshop on the topic “Does your brain help your game?”, and provide tips about how you can strengthen yourself mentally before an important game. He will also explain cases in which mental training cannot help, and examines the following:

  • Why golfers are struggling to get better
  • The “myth of practice”
  • The role of the brain in changing a golf swing
  • An understanding of golf’s no. 1 public enemy – FEAR – and how to deal with it
  • How we can be conditioned to fail, and how to “re-wire” the brain
  • Practical mental game tools to use on the range and course
  • Games to score your mental ability
  • What psychology canNOT DO for your game!

Eddie Reid, Managing Director of TGI Golf, will deal with European golf retail market. He will explain the complexities of the European golf retail market and outline the benefits of working together as a group.

Florian Oberhofer, Head Professional at Gut Häusern Golf Course, will show how the Internet can be used as a professional marketing tool for the golf industry within the framework of a costs and benefits analysis. His talk will incorporate:

  • Internet and E-Mail
  • Accurate Self-Portrayal through Your Own Homepage on the Web
  • What’s the Point of Having a Personal Domain? Cost – Benefit
  • Construction, Design and Contents of a Homepage
  • Incremental Benefits: Online Shop, Online Reservation, Golf Trips, etc.