Extending the lifespan of functional textiles and outdoor equipment sustainably with natural care

 The protection and care products from ATSKO are based in beeswax und coconut. 

 Ravensburg/Munich, February 2020 – Everyone who likes to be out in nature, obviously wants to preserve it. Functional textiles, shoes and outdoor equipment are not only supposed to protect against weather influences but should also have as little impact on the environment as possible. That is why many customers choose high-quality products with a long life span. But in order for the high-tech materials to remain permanently windproof and waterproof, breathable and dirt-repellent, they must be cautiously cared for. Here, too, the focus increasingly lays on sustainability. ATSKO has been using the natural ingredients beeswax and coconut fat for textile and leather care for over 85 years. 

 Protecting permanently and environmentally friendly with just one application 

SILICONE WATER-GUARD® provides maximum water and stain protection after only one application. The treated material stays soft and breathable, with its life span significantly extended. SILICONE WATER-GUARD® dries quickly and will be fully odourless within 72 hours. The protective layer of 13% silicone repels water and dirt from the fabric and helps renewing the fibres. SILICONE WATER-GUARD® contains cross-linked polymers, is CFC-free and protects the environment. For all functional textiles, outdoor fabrics, suede and smooth leather. Recommended by the leading membrane manufacturers. SILICONE WATER GUARD® is now newly available as a spray with 89 or 149 ml. 

Coconut washes skin-friendly and residue-free 

SPORT-WASH® MOUNTAIN is the perfect detergent for functional clothing with down filling. It cleans, disinfects and deodorises simultaneously. SPORT-WASH® MOUNTAIN immediately restores the original characteristics of washable fabrics, such as breathability and fullness of downs, without negatively affecting the material’s wind and waterproof capacities. It cleans thoroughly without residue, is skin neutral and makes the clothes look like new. SPORT-WASH® MOUNTAIN is a purely natural product based on coconut and does not contain bleach, phosphates or artificial softeners. 

The practical SPORT-WASH® Travel Set contains four washes and fits in every backpack. 

Natural beeswax for waterproof leather care 

SNO-SEAL® BEES WAX makes all soft leathers waterproof, extremely resistant and durable. When SNO SEAL® BEES WAX quickly dries after application and covers the material as a gentle wax layer. As a naturally gentle active ingredient, it does not clog the pores of the leather, maintains breathability and therefore is the perfect choice for leather shoes with a membrane. The leather is regenerated and stays soft and smooth even at low temperatures. 

ATSKO products comply with the guidelines of the European Union’s REACH program.