Farah to Walk the Golf Course

Farah, the UK’s biggest wholesale trouser manufacturer has announced the launch of a new range of exceptionally stylish and functional golf clothing.

The Farah Golf collection comprises high quality products that perform consistently, allowing the golfer to concentrate on the game in comfort and in style. Having had the opportunity to work with and dress some of the greatest in the game, Farah has been credited with being one of the first brands to bring fashion to the golf course. The new collection, with its striking, clean look and incorporated performance, is guaranteed to turn heads. Special features of the trousers, shirts and jackets in the new collection include Wicking properties – enable the fabric to transport moisture away from the skin to the surface of the clothing, where it can evaporate rapidly, keeping the wearer dryer and more comfortable, and more able to focus on the game in hand.

AntiStain® – this durable, high performance liquid, stain and soil protection offers extreme protection on trousers, allowing the wearer to play in less favourable weather without the need for uncomfortable additional layers.

Insect repellent – HealthGuard Vital Protection is a highly effective insect repellent treatment used on trousers in the collection. This unique fabric reduces insect bites by up to 90%.

Retail prices for performance items within the Farah Golf collection start at only £18.00 for shirts and £39.95 for trousers.

For further information telephone: 01376 502345