FlightScope introduces video

Ball flight monitor manufacturer FlightScope’s latest software will allow the user to record a video clip of the player hitting a shot – together with the usual 3D tracking data of the golf shot.
FlightScope Video Integration – part of the latest software Version 5.3.16 – uses a Mini DV Camcorder, connected to the PC via an IEEE1394 Firewire cable. A simple adjustment to the FlightScope software synchronises the capture of video with the sensor when the player hits a shot. A player can hit hundreds of shots and each time footage of the swing will be captured.
Once the session is completed FlightScope Media Player allows you to play back the video footage of the player’s shot, inset within the 3D plot screen that provides shot data including ball and club speed, ball spin, carry distance, flight time and lateral direction.
On top of coaching and clubfitting, FlightScope believe the video element will make the system ideal for use on corporate golf days, as it could be placed on a tee to record the drive of every competitor along with a video of their swing.