Glenbrae’s Seamless Strategic Goal

Performance knitwear brand Glenbrae Golf has announced further product introductions for Spring Summer 2007 featuring its innovative Spirol Seamless Technology.

The move will mean that every garment within the brands range will now be totally Seamless signifying the achievement of a 4 year strategic objective that now consolidates the brands totally unique position in the market place.

An exclusive version of its core innovative Spirol Seamless Lambswool knitwear combines the outstanding product performance benefits established with its crew and V neck plain garments with pattern texture and seasonal colours. The range, named Spirol – By Design will be available in crew and V neck styles in a choice of 3 colours Stone, Ochre and Olive all selected from the woollen industry colour forecast palette for 2007. The design features a currently high fashion Diamond Linx pattern on the front of the garment that is integrally knitted as part of the Seamless Knitting process. A size range of XS to XXL is competitively priced with SSP’s of Mens Crew Neck Long Sleeve £49.95 and Mens V Neck Long Sleeve £49.95

The company’s Merino Extra Fine collection has consistently enjoyed a loyal following. For 2007 the range has been developed to be manufactured totally Seamless, a move that means for the first time fine gauge knitwear benefits from increased garment structural stability, consistency and performance. Available in a totally new range of 7 colours in 2 styles high V neck long and short sleeve. The range is sized XS to XXL , SSP’s are Mens Hi V Neck Long Sleeve £45.95 and Mens Hi V Neck Short Sleeve £39.95.

For the first time lady golfers will be able to enjoy the benefits of the flag ship Spirol Seamless Lambswool range now available in ladies sizing, styles including Crew Neck Long Sleeve and V Neck Short Sleeve Slipover. A colour palette will encompass both traditional and seasonal shades. The range is sized 10 to 18 , SSP’s are Ladies Crew Neck Long Sleeve £49.95 Ladies V Neck Slipover £39.95.

For further information: 01484 843732