Gloves & gaiters – year round essentials

No matter what the time of year when out on the hills in the UK, essentials do include gloves and gaiters. Even if just packed down in the bottom of the rucksack there will come a time when they are needed and can make a huge difference to comfort and warmth – saving many a day out.Gloves & Gaiters Essentials From Sprayway-1

Sprayway’s Stretch Grip Gloves for men, women and kids are made from Exo/Therm with a four-way stretch and non-slip silicone palm print making them perfect for outdoor activities. The Stretch Grip Glove is just one model from a  versatile range of gloves including a Stretch Liner, a Trek Shell glove & a full Gore-Tex waterproof shell glove – the Stilos Shell glove.

The leg gaiters (also made for men, women and kids) are made from Sprayway’s own durable, ripstop Hydro/Dry Shield waterproof fabric. They have abrasion resistant fabric at the all-important inner foot of the gaiter and a nifty Velcro and snap close storm guard at the front. The gaiters are available in two lengths – ankle for less arduous or warmer days out and full leg for ultimate protection.
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