GnL puts sole wear its mouth is

Swiss footwear firm looking to launch new sole technology into UK market

Swiss footwear firm GnL has unveiled a 3D cushioning system that it claimed alleviates stress issues not covered by conventional footwear.

GnL 360 footwear was being shown for the first time to an international audience at OutDoor 2011, with a spokesman saying that it is looking to take the product to a Europe-wide market.

The GnL 360 features patented 3D cushioning technology that utilises multidirectional lugs embedded in the sole of the shoe to provide support to the wearer in all directions. It said conventional shoes only provide vertical cushioning for up and down forces but stress from horizontal impact during the landing phase is not dealt with.

The Glide ‘n’ Lock system used with its 360 shoes provides vertical and horizontal compression through the 3D cushioning system, which it claims addresses the shearing motion issues.

The spokesman said GnL is looking for a UK distributor for the product, as well as looking at wider sales across Europe, and that the shoes have potential applications in the leisure, fitness and professional healthcare markets; anywhere where the wearer is on their feet for extended periods of time and would benefit from the additional sideways dampening.

“We have a Swiss agent and some resellers, but we are now looking to take the product to a much wider European audience, including the UK,” the spokesman said.

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