Go far with Fargo

The new Campingaz Fargo portable gas barbecue takes you further, to the campsite, to the park, to the beach, wherever your travels take you thanks to its clever, compact design. A versatile and intelligent design, it features handles that fold down to form its legs, raising the appliance off the ground for greater cooking convenience. The compact design is ultra-portable, packing down neatly for transport and storage thanks to the sturdy, foldable side tables that form a protective lid when not in use. A healthy way to cook, the large, family-sized cooking surface of 1500cm_ has a very even heat distribution from the high powered burner, so that you will have your favourite meals whipped up in minutes.

There are two different models available. The Fargo BBQ Grill which operates off a butane or propane cylinder, offering an exceptionally long run time so it’s great when cooking for larger groups or when you take the family on an extended break. For the ultimate in cooking portability, the Fargo Twin Pack ticks all the right boxes, operating off two Campingaz CV470 Plus cartridges for a lightweight, compact outdoor cooking solution.

For more information visit www.campingaz.com