Golf Pride Puts Some Colour Into Your Game

Golf Pride’s New Decade™ MultiCompound – the hottest grip in golf – is now available in a variety of exciting new colours.

The MultiCompound was originally available in red and black but the colour choice has been extended also to include, blue and black, shamrock and black, orange and black and hot pink and black. “We have introduced the new colours due to popular demand,” said Paul Steels, the UK and European Director of Operations for Eaton Ltd, makers of Golf Pride grips. “Golf clubs are now much more colourful than they used to be and the introduction of the new colour choices will enable our customers to fit New Decade MultiCompound grips that match their shafts.”

The New Decade MultiCompound grip fuses the positive performance of rubber and cord for an exciting new look and feel. The MultiCompound boasts Golf Pride’s exclusive black Velvet Cord in the upper hand and coloured soft rubber in the lower hand (see photograph). The former provides firm all-weather control while the latter offers ultimate feel and responsiveness. The grips will be available from September 2006.

More information contact Paul Steels at Golf Pride Europe on 01778 341555 or email