GP Batteries Beam Penlight Torches Offer Portable Precision Lighting

Compact, lightweight and portable, GP Batteries’ range of Beam Penlights are ideal to pinpoint and illuminate specific areas, where larger, more bulky torches are unsuitable.

Whether you’re an amateur undertaking a DIY job, or a professional who needs a bright, accurate and controllable spot of light during their work, the Beam Penlights are the perfect partner and fit comfortably in your pocket for easy transportation.

Models in the range are made from aircraft grade aluminium with a hardwearing anodized protective coating for extra durability. They also feature an anti-roll tail stand, high/low brightness settings, a comfortable one-handed focus system, reverse polarity protection and are water resistant.

Beam Penlight PP16 – SRP £34.99

Highly portable, compact, lightweight and with a lumen output^ 140 – 20 lm.

  • Dimension: 141.5 x 16.2 mm
  • Weight: 46g ±5g
  • Beam distance: 55 meter
  • Runtime: 100%: 3h30m / 15%: 9h


Penlight PP13 – SRP £24.99

A smaller sized option, the PP13 is also highly portable, compact and lightweight. It has a lumen output^ 100 – 15 lm.

  • Dimension: 97.5 x 16.2 mm
  • Weight: 33g ±5g
  • Beam distance: 40 meter
  • Runtime: 100%: 1h45m / 15%: 4h15m


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