Grivel goes solar

Equipment specialist installs solar panels on factory roof to improve its environmental credentials

Specialist climbing and hardwear equipment brand Grivel has installed 7,000 sq m of solar panels on the roof of its Italian headquarters to power the entire facility from solar energy.

The solar panels cover the same area as a football pitch and will now provide power to the entire Courmayeur facility.

Grivel said the initiative will save over 806kg of CO2, the equivalent to a car travelling 5,800km and each year, as well as saving 1,173 barrels of oil.

Steve Roberts, managing director of Grivel’s UK distributor Mountain Boot Company, said: “The magnitude of Grivel’s eco project has been a massive investment for them and shows their commitment to the environment.

“With so many companies ‘green washing’ their corporate social responsibility policy it is great to be able to actually show retailers and consumers an active programme which can easily be illustrated.”