Grow Your Sales this Christmas with GP Batteries

Batteries are an all-year-round commodity, however with sales of battery-operated electronics including toys, handheld gaming devices, high-tech gadgets and decorations going up around the festive period, Christmas is a very important time for batteries and offers the perfect opportunity to maximise battery sales!

One of the top four battery manufacturers worldwide, GP Batteries is a supplier of primary and rechargeable batteries, producing over four billion batteries a year. With an extensive range including single-use and rechargeable batteries suitable for a large variety of products and appliances, as well as specialist batteries, GP Batteries gives retailers its top tips on how to strategically make the most of the festive consumer trend and boost battery sales!

Offer a prime position

Batteries are usually an add-on purchase and are often an afterthought; so batteries out of sight mean batteries out of mind.  The best positioning for batteries is by the sales counter at eye level as customers waiting to be served are reminded to buy them and can see attractive pack sizes and offers. Positioning them behind the counter can deter customers from asking for them as they may struggle to see the range on offer- especially if they don’t know which ones to go for.  As retailers are under greater pressure to move confectionary away from counters, batteries offer a great alternative to this prime position!

Prompt at-counter sales

Once batteries are in an easy to reach position near the sales counter and you have a good offer on, don’t be afraid to prompt your customers for sales! If there is a reluctance to do this try running a staff incentive so everyone gets involved in selling more batteries. Offer a prize for the staff member who sells the most batteries in the run-up to Christmas – this can see great results!

Stay competitive with promotional packs and offers

With online retail giants now offering next day delivery as standard, online shopping is just as convenient as buying in store. It’s therefore important to offer customers a further incentive to buy in store rather than online.  Consumers know that they can get value packs that offer better value online, so selling regular sized battery packs at full RRP may mean you struggle to see sales.Consumers know that batteries go on special offer in the run up to Christmas and look for the larger packs or promotional packs where they get ‘free’ batteries. Look at your range and offer a selection of value propositions such as larger promotional packs from two different brands at two different price points. This offers consumers better value for money as well as greater choice, and when promoted the right way in store, these larger packs can drive sales. Discuss with your battery supplier what multipacks, promotional packs and special offers are available.

As more and more devices rely on a wider range of batteries, speciality batteries have seen an increase in sales in the last couple of years. Keeping a range of the most popular types can help increase battery sales. Offering common cell types (AA, AAA) in value packs (8+4 or larger) means customers will see value while spending more, and offering a small range of speciality range including C, D and 9V in standard pack sizes gives greater choice.

Stock rechargeable

In recent years there has been a push back on plastics, disposable coffee cups and carrier bags as more consumers look for ways they can reduce their environmental impact. This has been reflected in battery sales and the last couple of years has seen a rise in the sale of rechargeable batteries. This trend is expected to continue as consumers demand products that are better for the environment. Rechargeable batteries are a small but effective change that consumers can make that actually saves them money and reduces the number of single-use batteries they’ll need in the future. Offering a selection of rechargeable batteries will tap into this growing market and will mean those who have converted won’t need to go online or elsewhere for what they want.

GP is running its Reduce Your Footprint campaign to drive sales and awareness of its rechargeable batteries, which not only save consumers money but have a better impact on the environment and reduces consumers’ footprint on the planet.  GP’s rechargeable ReCyko+ batteries can be recharged up to 300 times, saving money and stopping 300 single-use batteries being sent to landfill.

Offer eye-catching POS

As well as keeping batteries within easy reach, having an eye-catching display is also key in drawing the customer’s attention. Most battery brands will offer some creative POS to go along with stock. Work with your supplier to make the most of this valuable marketing tool.

GP Batteries offers a range of single-use and rechargeable batteries suitable for a large variety of products and appliances, including electronic toys, handheld video games and electronic gadgets, as well as specialist batteries for watches, car keys, hearing aids and smoke detectors.  The brand also supplies a range of handheld torches and headtorches and has more recently launched its Discovery torch range, which offers excellent value.

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