Haglöfs win Habits sports supplier of the year award

Haglöfs has been awarded The Sports Supplier of the Year by Habit, Scandinavia’s largest fashion trade magazine. The prestigious prize was awarded on last night’s Habit Fashion Awards.

The award The Sports Supplier of the Year was awarded Haglöfs for ”having built a global brand in the toughest of competition climates” as well as for the brand’s design and innovation, technology, function and ability to deliver sustainable and modern products. The jury further highlighted Haglöfs as a “centenarian who go into the future with a timeless concept for an active, urban and close-to-nature lifestyle”.

haglofs 1

“We are extremely proud of this award which is great proof of that what we all work so hard for, to take Haglöfs from being a good company to an exceptionally good company, is starting to show results”, said Haglöfs CEO Peter Fabrin.