Hannah undertakes North Pole expedition

In December 2006, 33-year-old Hannah McKeand set a new World Record of 39 days, 9 hours and 33 minutes for the solo and unsupported journey from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole. Now she is preparing to take on the ultimate endurance event – a solo and unsupported trek to the geographical North Pole. If successful, she will become only the second person ever, and the first woman to have completed such an awesome undertaking.
This is one of the last great expedition firsts left in the world. The 415 nautical mile journey from Ward Hunt Island in Canada encounters some of the harshest conditions our planet has to offer. Constantly at threat from falling through the moving ice, there will also be times where swimming in the open sea becomes a necessity.  Polar bears are also prolific in the area. Not content with this, because the entire journey takes place on the floating sea ice, as much as she skis forward she will also be being carried back, particularly when she is sleeping. Hannah will have to walk much further than the 415 miles on the map.
Hannah, The North Face-sponsored athlete, commented, “I have huge respect for the environment that I will be immersed in. It is going to be incredibly tough, with many risks, but I never feel more alive than I do alone in a huge icy wilderness.”
UK & Ireland Country Manager for The North Face, Andy Barker, added, “Hannah is certainly living by our ethos to never stop exploring! Her individual strength and mental toughness combined with her total dedication to success in her expeditions that make her one of the most outstanding polar athletes of our time.”
Hannah is setting off from Canada during February 2008.