Helly Hansen provides kit for Virgin Oceanic

Technical clothing brand chosen as exclusive gear provider for Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Oceanic expedition

Helly Hansen has been chosen as the exclusive gear provider for Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Oceanic expedition to explore the deepest points of the world’s five oceans.

Branson will begin with the 10,924m deep Mariana Trench off the Pacific island of Guam, pending receipt of all required regulatory approvals.

Other locations to be dived include the Puerto Rico Trench, Sandwich Trench, the Artic Ocean’s Molloy Deep and the Diamantina in the Indian Ocean.

Helly Hansen was selected by Virgin Oceanic as the expedition’s exclusive provider of apparel, footwear and accessories to team members. The company said it was chosen as ‘a result of its renowned reputation and unparalleled heritage in protecting and enabling professionals who make their living in extreme conditions’.

The kit supplied includes technical offshore sailing suits, technical baselayers and team outfits, as well as a range of other products.

Branson said: “Virgin Oceanic is an exciting and demanding project that will put our teams in some of the world’s most extreme environments, above and below the ocean’s surface. Extreme environments demand the right gear, and so we’re thrilled to have Helly Hansen as part of the Virgin Oceanic team.”

Erik Burbank, vice president of marketing at Helly Hansen, said: “Helly Hansen was founded by a sea captain 135 years ago, so the sea is in our blood. Since then, our mission has been to protect and enable professionals that make their living in extreme environments.

“We are personally and professionally inspired by the Virgin Oceanic team and are both humbled and motivated to be associated with this project.”