Helly Hansen reveals #WELOVERAIN survey results

Helly Hansen, reveals the average Brit spends the equivalent of five months of their life talking about the weather.

A poll of 2,000 adults conducted by Helly Hansen has found the classic British stereotype of always talking about the weather is true, with the subject coming up three times in a typical day. The temperature, sunshine or rain lasting comes into conversation for just under three minutes each time, which amounts to almost ten minutes a day or an hour of each week.

In addition, the average adult will post at least one weather-related comment a week on social media channels and spend 11 minutes a week checking the forecast on either TV, an app on their phone or the internet.

It also emerged three quarters of Brits consider the weather to be their go-to subject when making small talk with a stranger. Another three in four Brits rely on a conversation about the weather to get them through an awkward silence when talking to someone.


Despite the frequency spent discussing the weather, half of Brits admit they see rain as a barrier, stopping them from doing things, whilst 44 per cent actually talk themselves into hating the rain, by moaning about it with others.

Emma Russell, Marketing Manager for Helly Hansen, comments on the results from its survey, “Brits have long been accused of always talking about the weather and it seems that really is the case. Thanks to Britain’s changeable and unpredictable weather, it is often a hot topic of conversation, especially when you are making small talk with someone.

“But the weather can have a huge effect on our activities and our moods, hence why we probably talk about it so much. With so many health benefits attached to being outside, we shouldn’t talk ourselves into hating bad weather, or to allow the rain to prevent us from enjoying time outdoors with our friends and family.”

The research found that we are most likely to talk about how cold it is, followed by when it is wet, windy or hot. Other popular weather topics include the forecast for the day ahead and whether it was right or wrong, snow or ice, and humid or stormy weather.

Six in ten Brits admitted to coming out with the phrase ‘It’s a bit nippy today’ in a conversation while 56 per cent regularly comment on how it is a ‘lovely day’. ‘The sun is trying to come out’, ‘Think that’s it for summer this year’ and ‘It’s so humid, we need a good old storm to clear the air’ are other weather-related statements many admit to using when making small talk.

The study found 82 per cent admitted they think the classic stereotype of all Brits being fixated with the weather is a true one, with just over half admitting they are obsessed with what it is doing around them.

And for seven in ten Brits, checking their weather app, watching the morning forecast or looking out the window to see what the weather is like is the first thing they do in the morning.AW15

Emma Russell, Marketing Manager for Helly Hansen, says, “Scandinavian countries are ranked as some of the world’s happiest nations, yet extreme weather conditions are the norm. They don’t talk themselves into letting this ruin their plans, but have learnt to dress appropriately and embrace an outdoor lifestyle, whatever the weather throws at them.”

The survey results conclude with the statement: 48 per cent reckon they need to make more effort to embrace the rain.

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