HI-TEC announce new ‘TREK’ range of wearable activity devices

HI-TEC recently announced their new ‘TREK’ range of wearable activity devices, aimed at individuals who are passionate about the outdoors and curious about how their activity affects their health and wellbeing.

For users who lead an active outdoor lifestyle, the TREK range, adds a new dimension to understanding how their activity affects their health and wellbeing. The HI-TEC TREK range of trackers are worn comfortably on the wrist and feature ion-hardened touchscreens.

Three versions of the TREK are available, starting with the TREK Lite which tracks the users’: Steps, Distance, Calories, Motivation, Sleep patterns and has a Caller ID function.

Next up in the range is the TREK Go which again tracks the users’: Steps, Distance, Calories and motivation but also features Notifications, Sleep pattern monitoring and links to your mobile through Smartapps.

HI TEC Wearable devices

Lastly the third option is the TREK Plus which allows the user to do all of the above as well as an added heart monitoring function.

Commenting on the latest edition to the HI-TEC range, Ed van Wezel, CEO, HI-TEC said: “HI-TEC TREK is a natural extension to our range. Our customers have a love of the outdoors and experience that through activities that include walking, running, rambling or simply just being out and about.”

The TREK products provide the ideal balance between an activity tracker and a smart watch, Van Wezel continued: “We recognized that for many of our customers their activity was a means of keeping healthy and helping with their general well-being. With the HI-TEC TREK range, we are giving our customers a simple and affordable means to monitor their health, whether that is at home or while out and about.”