HI-TEC leaps forward with ion-mask technology

Footwear specialists HI-TEC have announced a major new technology for waterproofing their shoes. The company states that it makes a shoe as breathable and lightweight after treatment as it was before; not only that, but the shoe apparently repels dirt and water – so no matter how wet the terrain, the boot actually remains dry.
HI-TEC have also stated that the environmental impact of the process is minimal and makes other techniques out-of-date. They worked with P2i Ltd to bring out their first collection of ion-mask footwear, and it looks certain to be a smash in the outdoor market.
ion-mask is a patented plasma based technology, originally developed for the military to protect soldiers from chemical attack. It permanently alters the surface of fabric at a molecular level to repel water and other liquids – which are forced to bead and simply run off.
As a surface enhancement technology it works by invisibly binding polymers to each individual fibre. The benefits are as transparent as the technology itself, with minimal consumption and negligible waste, ion-mask enhancement represents a quantum leap in footwear technology.
You will be able to read about this technology and HI-TEC in more depth in a forthcoming SGB – Sports and Outdoor.