HI-TEC unveil breakthrough dry shoe technology

Footwear company HI-TEC are creating a new quick-dry range based on plasma technology designed to protect soldiers from chemical attack.
Originally used by the military, a process called ion-maskingTM guards material by repelling liquids and other outside agents. It does, through, retain the material’s original qualities such as breathability and lightness. The process involves invisibly binding polymers to each individual fibre – altering the fabric surface at a molecular level to repel water and other liquids which are forced to bead and run off.
The new range will be a collaboration between technology company P2i Ltd and HI-TEC, with the shoe company labelling the product ‘a quantum leap in footwear technology’. “Ion Mask has so many attributes,” says HI-TEC President Tony Linford, “especially the ability to be more breathable than other waterproof products. Potentially, this allows a shoe that can be comfortable to wear all year round. But first we need to work out how we could apply those benefits to a range of footwear.”
With HI-TEC still at the testing stage there are no details on the new shoes. But Linford expects the price point to be similar to membrane technology footwear and hopes to bring product to market in Spring 2009.