Hirzl hops into the UK

On the back of positive feedback from Golf Europe in Munich last October, Swiss glove specialist Hirzl has introduced two gloves made from Kangaroo hide into the UK market, the TRUST Feel and TRUST Control, at an RRP of £24.99.

Hirzl claims its gloves offer unparalleled durability as they are made from kangaroo hide, ‘one of the strongest and most tear-resistant leathers in the world’, and the gloves also benefit from a patented tanning procedure. Hirzl claims its gloves last four times longer than standard golf gloves, and they also come with a ‘grip4u’ capability to ensure the gloves maintain their grip when wet.

The TRUST Control comes with a slightly thicker palm and is better suited to mid to high handicappers, while the TRUST Feel comes with thinner palm leather.