HOKA One One Founders to run Tor des Géants®


Following the recent announcement of HOKA One One as Tor de Géants® Gold partner, the world’s fastest growing running shoe brand is pleased to announce that founders Jean-Luc Diard and Christophe Aubonnet will take part in this year’s race.

“For me, Tor represents a kind of ultimate communion – communion with an exceptional nature and roughness which forces you to draw from the bottom of your physical and mental resources, and communion with the inhabitants of the region” said Diard.

Wearing the new Speedgoat 2, HOKA athlete Lionel Trivel will also race alongside the founders, hoping to be the next Team HOKA athlete to win the race after Patrick Bohard in 2015. In addition to their elite runners; HOKA will also be supporting 10 amateur runners as they experience the challenge of their lives for the first time.

About Tor de Geants

Tor des Géants® is the first and only known race to combine long distance trail running with the individuality of every runner. Known as “the toughest trail on Earth”, the 330km, single stage race passes through 34 picturesque villages in the Acosta Valley. With a maximum time limit of 150 hours, all athletes are responsible for their basic subsistence supplies and can only stop for refills at refreshment points.

Tor des Gèants takes place this year from 10th to 17th September.

About the HOKA ONE ONE® brand

HOKA ONE ONE® is the fastest growing premium running shoe brand in the world. Two lifelong runners launched HOKA in 2009, after years spent handcrafting and shaping lightweight shoes with extra-thick midsoles. Initially embraced by ultrarunners because of their enhanced cushioning and inherent stability, HOKA now offers shoes for all types of athletes who enjoy the unique ride the shoes provide.

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