HRH The Prince of Wales announced as President of the Sherpa Heritage Museum Project

His Royal Highness The Prince ofWales has agreed to be the President of the Sherpa Heritage Museum. Led by Pertemba Sherpa, with Sir Chris Bonington as its Patron, and supported by Doug Scott CBE and Maggie Burgess, the project is raising funds to preserve the last traditional Sherpa home in Nepal, by restoring it in the form of a ‘living’ museum.
The home has been donated by Pertemba Sherpa who has summitted Everest three times, including during climbs with Sir Chris and Doug Scott. He was also chosen to guide Prince Charles through the Annapurna region on The Prince of Wales first trek in Nepal.

Through the Sherpa Heritage Museum, Pertemba Sherpa is campaigning to conserve the almost vanished Sherpa traditions for future generations. Built by his ancestors and located in Khumjung, Pertemba Sherpa’s home is even older than many local ancient monasteries and is unique among the Everest villages, where Sherpa homes have been radically modernised.

The announcement that The Prince of Wales will be the President of the Sherpa Heritage Museum provides a timely boost to the initiative, as does a generous donation to the cause made by His Royal Highness. Fundraising will be a critical factor in the project’s success and Pertemba Sherpa has launched a concerted campaign that will build up to a major event at the Royal Geographical Society in November.

On the evening of November 27th, four participants in one of the most famous and dramatic expeditions in British mountaineering history will relive their experiences together for the first time in 30 years.

Sir Chris Bonington,Doug Scott,Tut Braithwaite and Clive Rowland will join Pertemba Sherpa at the RGS to tell first hand the story of the first ascent and epic descent of the Ogre and Pertemba will speak about his project. All proceeds from the evening will be donated to the Sherpa Heritage Museum. Sir Chris Bonington commented:“It will be quite something to bring the protagonists from that epic on the Ogre together again. Although it all took place 30 years ago, I remember the events as clearly as ever.This will be a wonderful opportunity to raise some valuable funds for the Sherpa Heritage Museum which is playing such an important role in preserving Sherpa traditions.

“Everyone involved with the Sherpa Heritage Museum is absolutely delighted that The Prince of Wales has agreed to be President.His Royal Highness is clearly and genuinely passionate about conservation and understands the importance of preserving traditions such as those of the Sherpas. Pertemba Sherpa and I are very grateful for his support and generous donation to the cause.”

To book tickets for the event at the RGS on November 27th or to send a donation, contact Maggie Burgess, Flat 9, 100 Picadilly, London,W1J 7NH, phone: +44 (0)207 491 7177, e mail: